Best safes for carrying small guns in your car

Best safes for carrying small guns in your car

What do you do of your handgun when you’ve a need to go to destinations where you’re not officially permitted to

carry your firearm? It’s reckless, in certain states possibly prohibited, to put your gun in the glove pocket or simply conceal it under a paper or towel on your seat. It’d be too apparent to keep it in the luggage compartment.

For most people with gun often problem arises when they want to carry it to places or more often when they want tokeep it places that will assure them that it is not abused or that it is away from ignorant hands like of children etc.For more thoughts on the subject read this You may also need to keep a gun in your  car.Why! many reason for ex You can be confronted with suspected armed person or in a incident which compel you to use your gun.These days people are aware of their safety from such mishaps and carrying a personal gun in their car have become an important concern for them.But they need a safe to protect and safely carry their gun.

Reason to have a safe

1.Carrying weapons is not allowed in various government areas.So to ensure that you are carrying it legally within TSA regulation (For ex You can only carry an unloaded gun etc).

2.To ensure that it is in your reach and can be accessed as and when needed hands free.

3.To protect them from unauthorized hands like children who might also be using your automobile.

GunVault MV 1000 MicroVault XL Handgun SafeBiometric10.2 x 12 x 3.5 $$$Easy accessRead review
Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun safeElectronic11.5 x 8.5 x 3.5$$$Easy accessRead review
Titan Gun SafeMechanical combination11 x 8 x 2.5$$$Strong,quick acessRead review
GunVault Nanovault 200Mechanical key9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75$$Portable and concealableRead review
The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock BoxMechanical Key9.7 x 6.4 x 3$$Good Carry box for valuables Read review
Stack-On PC-650 safeElectronic8.2 x 11 x 2.4$$Easy access and portableRead review
Bio box biometric personal safeBiometric10.75 x 7.25 x 2 $$$Slim,portable and concealableRead review
ShotLock 1911 Solo Vault, Car Safe for Full Frame HandgunsMechanical combination11.375 x 7.5 x 2.375$$$Safe and quickRead review
btpgsBestop 42640-01 HighRockMechanical key14 x 18 x 7 $$Portable.Easy under seat mountRead review
Bulldog Car Safe with Key LockMechanical key8.7 x 6 x 2.5$$Easy mount and portableRead review

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Feature of a good safe

Some of the points to keep in mind before going to select a safe are

1.)It should prevent unauthorized access ie,it should have a proper lock mechanism which can be opened only by you.So choose your locks wisely.For ex:It would not be a very good idea having keys for your lock if you can afford a better lock like combination lock or digital lock ,biometric etc which are better option.To know about locks see post on the various locking mechanism.

2.It should be thin and portable enough so that it can be kept under the car seat or any other small place which will make it safer.

3.It should be strong enough difficult to break break or drill.

4.)It should be easily accessible.The number one reason is for your own safety.Consider the case when you want to reach your gun and you have to use keys to open it or if its dark and you cant read the combination

When you have made your mind to finally get a safe there are certain things that you should be clear with before you can make a decision and finally buy one. They are as follows

First Select your price range/budget.It is very important because by doing this you narrow down you search to best available product in this range. When it comes to gun safe you really get what you pay for but still it doesn’t mean that at low range you don’t get anything. It depends on your application.However there are many very expensive gun safes that don’t even provide the same features and durability as other safes in cheaper prices.So consider looking at its safety and protection features too.

Second Select the type of safe. There are diifernt types of safes available in market.They all  have some advantage over other.So be clear with their  selection keeping in mind that it depends on your priority of the feature it can provide you with. These are

  • Biometrics safe-No need to carry keys or learn combination.But can be less reliable when needed to open.
  • Electronics safe-Are good and reliable when needed to open,no keys needed but are relatively easily picked
  • Mechanical safe -Keys needed or have to remember combination but are reliable and provides better security

Third Choose your safe size.

  • Nano-specifically meant to carry or lock your gun in parked cars with cable.They are easily hidden plus can be always near your approach like under seat under bed or inside briefcase etc.
  • Micro-also for the same purpose but can be mounted at floor or under a seat of a car or your bed side at home.
  • Mini-meant to keep other valuables or if larger sige arms  They can be mounted in your trunk of a car or wall at your home.They are usefull if you dont have to reach out for your things frequently.They are relatively stronge

Security – .The safe we have listed  are far better from the un selected ones in our database.But we don’t want to give false idea about any safe in terms of security as it is a serious matter and you should be as careful as you can about it no matter how secure the safe is advertised.Since no safe provides ultimate security in all situation most of the safes have been given value as moderate Security of a small safe can be judged based on how easily the safe can be pry open specially its door and not the body. You know like kids who will try to open it without any trail marks or  a casual thief who is trying to open it silently. However one cannot be assured of security against a theft or robbery when you are not present at home.In that case no small safe can offer unbreakability. A hard  blow with a hammer or cutter can open a small safe anyway. In case you leave it in your car security will be defined against  smash and run situation where thief do not have enough time to pry open with paper clip or run countless combination.He also cannot make much noise to actually cut open the safe.In that case you  mostly cannot avoid the unwanted. PS Electronics locks are easy to open and information about it is all over the youtube.But there are solution to it by adding some modification.When it comes to gun safe you really get what you pay for.So depending on your needs spend accordingly.

Reliability in need 

Reliability is measured in the situation when you want to urgently open the safe.Some add thats it should be open in dark and provide  stealth and not make noise but that totally depends on you.

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